Vineyard diary

Dear wine lovers !

Today we’re taking you on an epic journey through the life of the grape, from the vinefield to the bottle.

Fasten your shoelaces, here we go !

Little grape will grow

In spring, the vines have budded with new leaves and small white flowers, pollinated by insects and also by the wind. These flowers will turn into fruits, which will look like small green peas, in the first stage.

During summertime, as temperatures rise, grapes goes through a metamorphosis. The fruit swells, the cluster tightens and, little by little, the berries start to change colour. This is called veraison.

The grapes will store sugars through photosynthesis and develop their aromatic palette. The cool nights allow the grapes to maintain a balance between sugar and acidity. As a result, we produce wines with depths and freshness.

Full ripeness

The grapes have finally reached harvest maturity! At this stage, the grapes stop growing and concentrate on becoming sweeter than ever. Every day, our vineyard manager and oenologist measure the sweetness of the grapes, directly in the vines, using a refractometer. Then they decide together which plots are ready to be harvested, depending on the style of wine required.

At this time of year, the “aoutement” phenomenon can also be observed. The young shoots change colour from green to brown, the wood hardens and dries out. In this way, they will withstand the winter and provide the wood for pruning.

Wine is much more than a drink. It’s an incredible adventure, a dance between sun, rain and earth that results in delicious nectars.

Whether you’re a wine lover or just curious, grapes have a fascinating story to tell.

Winegrowers, like us, are proud to share this heritage with you, customers and friends.

Here’s to our exceptional terroirs and the start of the 2023 harvest! 🍇🍷