For a greener future, adopt the Bag-in-Box concept

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Bag-in-Boxes (BIBs), also known as wine fountains, have it all!

Often unwisely associated with cheap wines, bag-in-box wine technology has developed and reinvented itself. In recent years, the technology ensures that wines stay fresh and delicious, for up to 6 weeks once opened.

In recent years, consumer preferences have clearly shifted towards sustainable, environmentally-friendly products. This trend has extended to the world of wine, where more and more people appreciate the practicality and eco-responsibility of Bag-in-Box (BIB) wines.

Today at Château de Jau, we’re exploring their growing popularity, in partnership with our UK importer, Wanderlust Wine.

Traditional wine packaging, such as glass bottles, has always dominated our industry. However, the environmental impact of glass production and transport has prompted us to look for alternatives. BIB wines have emerged as an innovative solution that not only reduces the carbon footprint. It also preserves the quality and taste of the wine after opening!

Their durability is their main advantage. The packaging consists of an airtight plastic bag housed in a recyclable cardboard box.

Indeed, hermetically sealed, the bags used are preventing oxidation and keep the wine fresh for an extended period. The absence of exposure to air and the tap system ensure that each glass poured is as good as the first one.

Young wines with fruity aromas are perfect for BIBs !

In fact, this kind of wine are not intended to age and should be drunk while young.

For those who like to have a glass at the end of a long day, but don’t want to open a whole bottle, the BIB is THE solution : affordable and sustainable. Moreover, it’s also ideal for outdoor picnics, garden parties or to take with you over the weekend. Practical, no waste and fun for all !

We’re proud of our commitment to sustainable practices. Our partnership with Wanderlust Wine is a testament to this shared vision.

Buy our wines on Wanderlust Wine website, if you live in the UK:

Feel free to contact our importer at or by phone 020 3488 5258. Visit their online store !

Cheers to a greener future!

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